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Maravilla Misa
1974, Manila, Philippines

Maravilla Misa, an enterprising widow with eight feisty children, began exporting Philippine handicrafts to Europe. Soon she was supplying big distributors in Europe and America with her own designs of baskets, hand-crafted from the many-textured vines gathered throughout the lush forests of the Philippine islands.

In 1979, her daughter, Lucia, ventured to Boston, Massachusetts. There she set up Luzon Imports, Inc., across the street from the Boston Flower Exchange. The company flourished, creating its own niche of natural rustic baskets.

In 1990, the "Twigs" line was created, a line of vine structures and bases, catering mostly to the crafts industry. The graceful black vines were an instant hit, blending beautifully with New England's dried flowers and silks.

Today, Luzon Imports continues to produce unique baskets and Twigs floral backgrounds that combine an old world beauty and elegance with the wild abundance of nature.

The legacy and inspiration of Maravilla's designs are carried on and celebrated by her grateful children.

Lucia and brother Martin supervising quality control
in their Philippine warehouse.

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